FLODDEN 500 Archaeology

Between 30th May and 9th June 2009 a team of volunteers from NAG, CCA and the local community, supported by Northumberland Conservation (Northumberland County Council) carried out initial excavations on the site of the Scottish Camp at Flodden Hill. This was the first step in a larger archaeological project to be carried out over the next 4 years as the 500th anniversary of the battle approaches.

Follow the progress of the project in the News section - over the coming months look for reports and updates as well as news of further work! Find photo updates in the Galleries section.

The first exploratory season has been put together under the banner of the FLODDEN 500 project to consider the archaeological potential of
the wider landscape of the Flodden Battlefield in the run up to the 500th Anniversary of the Battle in 2013.

On the afternoon of the 9th September 1513 the last medieval battle was fought on British soil, between a Scottish force of 30-35000 men lead by King James IV and an English force of around 20-25000 men led by Earl of Surrey on behalf of King Henry VIII. After 3 hours of extremely bloody combat 15000 men lay dead, at least 10000 of them Scots, including King James and many of his nobles.

As the 500th Anniversary of the battle approaches iFlodden will continue follow the archaeological investigations, starting  at the Scottish Camp and working away
towards the battlefield. The initial phase of work hopes to prove the potential for future more extensive archaeological work that will help to cast light on the every day lives of the common men of the Scottish Army in the days that led up to the battle.

In future years the project intends to work away from the Scottish camp and follow the progress of James’ Army in the mile-or-so  between his camp and the battlefield, to help to pinpoint exactly where the two armies met.

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