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Archaeological Project Design - Released June 2009 outlining the basis of the archaeological strategy and work proposed for 2009

Press release 2 - Issued June 2009 and covering the results of excavations on Flodden Hill in May and June 2009

Flodden 500 Scoping Report - Released July 2009 and outlining the results of scoping interviews/meetings with project stakeholders

Flodden 500 presentation (July 2009) PPT - presented to the Flodden 500 Stakeholder group in July 2009

Interim Archaeology Report 1: Field-walking 2009 - Released in November 2009 and covering interim results from field-walking

Flodden 500 Presentation (15.12.09) PDF - presentation (covering eco-museums) given to stakeholders group in December 2009

Interim Archaeological Report 2 (1.09.10) PDF/Word - Aerial Photograph Rectification of Site 2 covering results and interpretation

GUARD Geophysics report PDF - 2012 report by GAURD on the geophysical investigations carried out for the HLF Development

Barmoor Castle

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Welcome to the home of the Flodden 1513 Archaeology Project.  Follow the activities of the archaeological project on this site, with photos and blogs during the excavation season. If you want to join in Flodden 1513 2015 Field Walking or Metal detecting we welcome all interested volunteers offering various activities including excavation, field-walking, metal detecting and various events, training courses and public lectures. Watch for news here!                                   

The objective of the 2014 season at Site 1 was to further investigate the large stone feature (221) discovered in Trench 5 across the north-eastern rampart in the final days of the 2013 excavation. Initially a trench approximately 10m by 4m was laid out. As the removal of backfill progressed it was realised that this area was over-ambitious for the time and resources available so the length was reduced to approximately 7.5m east to west...


Joining Instructions and Risk Assessment: Wark Castle 2015

Thank you for volunteering to dig at Wark, the geophysics report from 2012 will be available is line from  here

as are the blogs  from last year’s excavations.

what follows is instructions and details of how the excavations will run.


Site timings

The season will be Saturday 18th April - Tuesday 28th April

SFA 8: Cannon Ball

Iron cannon ball measuring 6” (152mm) in diameter, with a distinctive casting seam and prominent sprew left over from the mould, the ball is not a perfect globe and shows evidence of heavy pitting on one side and the indentation of a possible impact on another.

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On the basis of geophysical survey (Guard) and some aerial photography (RAF 1945), eight trial trenches were initially proposed and were actually set out the day before the excavation began. It was soon clear that volunteer numbers (and their age/fitness) were insufficient to investigate all these targets, and on the first day just Trenches 2 and Trench 3 were opened, both on a reduced length.


After spending only one week at my new university, for some reason I decided that going away with some girls on my course, some who’ve I never actually met, to travel up to Flodden* and voluntarily help with the excavation. To date my interest for archaeology had been limited to the fascinating study of the theory and scientific aspects of the subject. This was to be my first time to leave the comfort and warmth of the library and put those skills into practice by digging up Ellemford.


On Tuesday 7th of October I went on the bus with my friends to Ellemford, near Duns.

First before the dig we had to talk a lot about safety and what we should do, we had to dig in layers if there was loose soil we had to take the soil we had to pick it up and into the bucket. One person had to take the soil and sieve the soil to see if there was anything that we missed out. I was the first to sieve....