Since the commencement of the Flodden 500 Archaeological project, during the summer of 2009, it has become apparent that many people who live in and around the wider area of the battle field of Flodden/Branxton have
finds of all period which they wish to be recorded.

As work proceeds more and more artifacts are being reported  and shown to project staff and volunteers. The purpose of this area is to record these finds and some of the basic information about their discovery and type. Each record includes the same basic information so that in the most simple manner you can use the search box below to carry out basic searches on the records. This information is also stored within the project archive (offline) in a more detailed fashion and will be included eventually in the project reports.

If you have a find (of any date) from the general Flodden area CONTACT US and we will add it here if it is appropriate.

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